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May 25, 2002
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Hi there,
I've submitted amcas but think that my august mcat scores will be poor. I have a strong GPA (3.75, 3.6 science) and decent extracurricular activities. I'm thinking of applying next year. I've heard that over that year you should "Strengthen your application" Any ideas on how to do this?


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Jun 10, 2002
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the fat lady hasn't sung on your mcat score or application yet. it seems like as the days passed, the lower and lower my mcat score was going to be in my mind, and i ended up with in the mid 30s. your gpa is solid, and i'd said unless your mcat scores dips below a 27, you're perfectly justified in applying to mostly lower and mid tier schools and seeing what happens. but again, you dont know your score for sure yet (how were the practice tests?) so in any case agood luck to you :)


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Sep 13, 2002
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:) i'm thinking you read the other post from the person asking if s/he should apply this year.

i think you will benefit simply from having a year to continue whatever it is you are involved with now. that extra year can put you in leadership positions in whatever programs you are involved with. perhaps you can get more meaningful LORs. for sure you will gain more life experience(simply by living life:D ), which means you will have more experiences to draw from when you work on secondaries next year. Should you choose to retake the mcat you will have the opportunity to take the april test and not have your application delayed by august scores like they are this year.

your gpa is great. my opinion is that if you are like most premeds(who are usually motivated and have a lot of initiative) you won't be sitting on your arse for the year and will probably be doing meaningful things. the extra year of "doing things" can be beneficial.

anyhow...good luck!!!
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