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military EM programs

Andy Kahn

Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
May 3, 2003
Dallas, TX
I have friend who will be going through the military match. He is considering EM and I am trying to give him links to all of the military EM programs. Does anyone know the link to the one in San Antonio at Ft. Sam Houston? (The links at SAEM and FREIDA did not work.) Also, did I leave any programs off the list? Thanks...

Naval Medical Center - San Diego, CA

Wright State University Integrated Residency - Dayton, OH

Darnall Army Community Hospital - Fort Hood, TX

San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium/Brooke Army Medical Center - Ft. Sam Houston, TX

Naval Medical Center - Portsmouth, VA

Madigan Army Medical Center/University of Washington Program - Tacoma, WA

Military EM
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Mar 16, 2003
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SDN Caveman Administrator
Moderator Emeritus
15+ Year Member
Jul 24, 2000
  1. Attending Physician
CodeBlueMD said:
Brooke Army Medical Center

http://www.bamc.amedd.army.mil/MedEdu/gme/GME Prog Description/EM2.htm

I am also interested in Army EM and would appreciate any info/advice your friend might have for someone considering the route, especially after he has comleted rotations, the interview process, and the match.


the three army programs are at Madigan, Brooke, and Darnall. Madigan and Brooke are level I trauma centers, and Darnall is level II. All of the programs are very competetive, and you need to rotate (either an ADT or civilian) at a program to have a chance there. unlike a few other specialties, they won't take you sight unseen on your app alone. I'm most familiar with BAMC as that's where two of my friends rotated (one went there twice). It's great training, and they still do a "goat lab" for procedures for the residents. Like any civilian program, you should get a letter of recommendation from a staff member, and get a good ADT eval. contact program directors early, and stay in touch with them. let them know why your interested, and let them know why you are military. Several people at BAMC are operational, so it also helps to have an interest in that kind of stuff, too.

as a sidenote, we were told my colonel raines that because there are only three army programs, that an individual who puts down the three programs with a career goal of EM will get an automatic deferral for civilian residency if they don't match into those three.
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