I am starting dental school this August and need to decide if I want a branch of the millitary to pay for all of my dental school. I would like to do an OMS residency but don't want to get stuck in the millitary for four years before I can start. Any suggestions woul be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 5, 2004
There was a poster some months ago who had a military scholarship. He posted alot of details and his website with his thoughts on it. What I remember the most about it was that he said the military owns you. You may not even work as a dentist once you are in, they may have you managing a warehouse or something. But my memory is faulty you should do a forum search and see if you can find it.
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Aug 9, 2003
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Dont sign ur life away.
Freedom is what we cherish in this country.
Of cos, money is not the only factor.
I would only sign up if i really want to be trained and defend our liberty.
I admire that.

In your case, you may want to check out air force.
cos it is a 3 yr program. while u serve 1 yr after grad and u can apply for specialty. please note that they say they have their own specialty program, etc to lure u in it. could anyone get in? not likely. of cos then u expect to serve whatever years that u have left(so two plus yrs of OMS residences, make sense?) extra note: when i talked with one of the military rep, i asked him what he thinks the worst place to be assigned to. He couldnt give me an answer. That raises doubt how honest are they or should i say how much detail will they give u. In real life, you can quit and find another job. But once u sign ur life away, u will follow their command. make absolutely sure that they pay all of ur expense too. cos i heard the military only subsidizes so much at the school across town(i.e. the most expensive self taught sch).


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Jun 22, 2003
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Here are a couple of things to think about before signing up. If you are on a military scholarship it is possible to get a deferment to go into a civilian OMS residency program upon graduation from dental school, do your training, then go into the military and serve your time back as an oral surgeon. Keep in mind that these deferments are not guarenteed, they are based on what the military thinks your chances are of matching to a program. Also the military will only defer you to do a 4 year progam not a 6. So if you are interested in a 6 year program don't join. No matter what school you go to the Military will pay for your whole tuition and whether you go in right after dental school or after residency they will have you work as a dentist or Oral surgeon, not some other job, that is ridiculous. The air force is probably the most relaxed branch of the military. They may not have the best base locations but you won't be near the front line of any war. If you join the army on the other hand you could be placed close to the front line. The majority of the dentists in Iraq right now are from the army. Another thing to keep in mind is family. If you are single than the military is not a bad choice. If you have a family keep them in mind because they will go whereever you are stationed. I have a couple of old classmates in the military, one is a navy dentist the other an airforce dentist and both a enjoying themselves.
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