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    I just finished my AMCAs application earlier last month (Nov 1) . Inadvertently, I submitted the application before I remembered I didn't put the final draft of my post-secondary experience descriptions. So my AMCAS application now only has some "very rough" descriptions about what I have done outside of classes. I admit this is a very careless, and possibly detrimental, mistake but I can't go back to change the AMCAS application now since I have already submitted it. I am thinking about if I should send supplemental descritptions of my experiences directly to each school I am applying to, and may be write to the admission deans about it also.

    Is there anyone who might have any suggestion? I'd appreciate your inputs......

    Big Problem

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    i say definitely write to each of the schools, giving complete descriptions of each activity. i made a similar error with an online secondary (only 1/2 of my essay got submitted). so i wrote a letter to the admissions committee, basically saying, "here's what my answer should have said:" and then i included the essay in its entirety. schools realize we're human (i hope), and i'd like to think that they wouldn't reject you simply over problems with the way your info was presented. (oh, by the way, i got in...)
    good luck!

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