Mar 23, 2010
Veterinary Student
I know this has been discussed before in various threads but after trying to sift through pages and pages of discussion for only one or two mentions of nice apartments in Columbia I was hoping we could make a consolidated thread.

So where do current Mizzou vet students live? Nice complexes/areas to visit when I go apartment hunting in the next couple of weeks? Actual names of complexes would be awesome so I could google! I will be bringing two dogs with me so it must be pet friendly. I'm okay with a bit of a commute but would like to keep it around 20 minutes max and under $650/month. That's about what I'm paying now and I've heard cost of living is way cheaper in Columbia (I'm in West County currently)!

Thanks for any help! I've been googling but it keeps directing me to those frustrating apartment finders websites that list the same two or three properties over and over again!