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    The Osler Institute is a nonprofit medical education organization that helps doctors pass their board certification exams in twenty medical specialties. For additional information about the Institute or the man after which we are named go to Another way in which this mission is fulfilled is by holding Mock Oral Review Courses. These courses are designed to meet the requirements of the medical specialty and provide the participant with practice answering questions orally. Generally participants are questioned in front of the class so everyone can benefit from the session. There are also opportunities to be questioned in a one on one private session.

    For specific information on your specialty, to and click on the appropriate specialty in the left hand column. You may need to scroll down to find the actual specialty. Please feel free to respond to this thread with any questions you may have or with any suggestions on how The Osler Institute can better serve your needs. Feel free to monitor our facebook page!/OslerInstitute for special offers and the latest news.

    The Osler Institute will donate a $200 coupon towards the purchase of a Mock Oral Review Course of the lucky member's choice. Winners for each raffle will be drawn from among the members who post questions about the product or otherwise meaningfully contribute to the discussion.
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    I was wondering when the raffle will take place for the $200 coupon for the mock oral reviews.


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