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Oct 20, 2014
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There is a question walked through in the solubility chapter in Berkeley Review:

What is the molar solubility of CaCl2 in 0.01 M NaCl solution?

In their answer, they work through an ICE table to get

Ksp = (x)(0.01 + 2x)^2

And then they say, "If we ignore 2x" and then solve, not considering the 2x. What do they mean by this? I am missing why they are ignoring 2x.

I hope this enough information to help. If you need to, I can post a picture of the question. Thanks

It looks like they ignored 2x on the next question too.

Actually, upon further reading, it appears that the value of x is insignificant when compared to the concentration of the ion. Nevermind
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