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Oct 29, 2015
I know with many people in the process of applying or about to, that lists have been made. I was wondering if any of you who are planning to apply out of state had found schools that were affordable and made it worth while to consider leaving your home state.

I'd honestly love to move away from my home state, but right now I can't find a school that's tuition makes any financial sense to do so.


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May 6, 2011
Physical Therapy Student
I applied to 7 out of state schools and only 3 instate, because California tuition is insane.

I looked on PTCAS for the school's requirements to see which programs I qualified for (based on course requirements), and wrote all of them in an Excel spreadsheet. Then I went to the website for each program (yes, I looked at 150+ websites), and calculated the tuition for each program. From there, I crossed off the more expensive schools. Then you'll have to factor in the average cost of living for the area and other possible expenses (furniture, car, public transportation, travel expenses to get back home during break, new clothes if you're moving somewhere with a different climate, etc).

It takes a long time, but if you do all the research yourself then at least you'll know that it's updated.

You can find a copy of my spreadsheet on my blog, if you want more details on what I did. It's not updated, but some information might be the same. Link to the post: How to Decide Where to Apply