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Mar 8, 2016
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I hope you are all doing well today. I am about to transition into medical school this fall. I grew up poor and usually used resources that were cheap or available for free. Now, my position has changed as I will have a little extra money from loans + my savings from working in the hospital.

Can you take just a moment to describe some of the things that have helped you along your journey in medical school? anything goes (if you could, be specific on brand/model etc.); laptop, books, desk, gadgets, earphones? Basically, I want to supplement my learning with quality resources since I have such a short time to do so with the large volumes of information. Plus, It is what I would want my physician to have done while learning about how to treat me. I, along with other browsing incoming first years, could use a little SDN advice. Thanks in advance guys.

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Generally agree with Huggy. Not into all the gadgets, but I'll comment on study resources.

I think the list given is pretty good, but I'd say pick a couple resources and learn them really well. Trying to use too many resources hurts most people more than it helps. General consensus is First Aid + Zanki/Firecracker for first year is essential. Pathoma for path is quick and solid for foundational knowledge and Sketchy micro is great for bugs if you're a visual learner (can't comment on the rest as it wasn't out when I was pre-clinical). You can supplement first year with a Qbank if you feel it helps you master the material, but first year you should pick some solid sources to get a solid base. UWorld is essential for boards study and dedicated. You can make a pass during the year then reset during dedicated or use 2 different Qbanks. I personally like Kaplan for during second year and UWorld for dedicated as you "see more questions" that way, and I feel like variety is better for review (whereas consistency is better to actually learn the material).
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I bought USMLERx for a qbank. I also used Sketchy and Pathoma, but I had a systems based curriculum.
Once on the wards, I did find that a tablet looked better to patients instead of pulling out my phone to look up information.
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Not many people will mention this resource, but medical students in the class above you are a fantastic way to get old tests and the inside scoop on classes and sometimes they will give you old books. Make friends with them, take them out to lunch, whatever you gotta do... they are great resources.
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Thank you guys I appreciate your feedback greatly. I don't think my school provides a laptop since the upper classmen did not receive one. Does anyone have a good recommendation for laptop?