1. F

    Other OT-Related Information NBCOT Prep Advice

    Hello, I am studying for the NBCOT and am trying to decide if TherapyEd is worth purchasing? Thus far, I have been studying at least one AOTA PDF and the corresponding practice questions each day. I also have access to NBCOT's study pack, though have not found this to be super helpful. I also...
  2. T

    DAT Retake: Round 3

    Hello - I am a current dental hygienist who plans to take the DAT for a third time, in hopes of enrolling into dental school this summer. I have a 3.5 GPA, a BA in biology (graduated 2015) and a BA in dental hygiene. I spent roughly 4 months with DAT Bootcamp to prepare for my first attempt and...
  3. R

    Studying 8 months away from MCAT?

    Hello everyone, hope your holiday season is going well! I was wondering how you would recommend I study for the MCAT if I am taking it in about 7-8 months. Would you recommend starting with content review? I may have to do two content review sessions because I will forget as the months progress...
  4. T

    Case banks/OSCE materials from your program

    Would anyone be willing to share some of their study materials from their programs? We have oral exams and I'm looking for some case banks or Powerpoints with cases. I already use the casebooks but would appreciate some other material (powerpoints, whatnot).
  5. P

    Internal Medicine Shelf Studying

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a new thread for internal medicine shelf studying. For those who have taken the IM shelf this year, how was it? What advice do you have for students who haven’t taken it yet? What books and resources did you use and what did you ultimately wind up scoring...
  6. Alexd0223

    How to Prepare for Organic Chemistry?

    I am a sophomore chemistry major, and am about to take organic chemistry. I have just recently finished gen chem 1 and 2 in the spring and summer semesters, and earned A's in both. From what I hear, Orgo is a completely different animal. I have just under a month before the class starts, and...
  7. MHA1999

    MFM Gestational Diabetes Study

    I’m doing an internship in organizational management and I’m currently working with a team of MFM providers. I will be assisting in tracking the amount of time the 6 physicians are using to manage the diabetic population in the office. Currently there are 6 Maternal Fetal Medicine providers who...
  8. stella_silvam

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    hey! any tricks&tips on how to memorize drug structures? :)
  9. N

    Sell Next Step MCAT Book Bundle (2018 Edition). Set of 6 books Condition is Like New.

    This MCAT Bundle (6 books) has all the following books: Bio Chemistry, Verbal, Quantitative, and Research Methods, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, Psychology & Sociology, Science QBook, Course Book, Physics, Biology, Verbal Practice All books are like new and are not written in. Price - $125
  10. U

    Take Additional Biology Course or Study for DAT

    Hello! I have a question regarding a decision to take a Molecular Biology class next semester. I am planning on taking the DAT in summer 2021 and will start studying for it as soon as the Fall 2020 semester ends. I am struggling to decide whether I should take a Molecular Biology class (in...
  11. deweystrontium

    Is this a plan for success as an M2?

    So our school has basically wrapped up all our systems blocks and we pretty much just have one block left where we'll dive more into the pathology of everything. There will probably be things we haven't covered, but I'm hoping I can fill in the details regarding these things prior to dedicated...
  12. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS GRE Study Group

    Hi! Would anyone like to make a GRE Study Group? I plan on taking my GRE May of 2021. We can do virtual meetings and talk about problems we are having. Any advice from past test takers? Thanks!
  13. F

    Your hour by hour schedule for med school

    Hi guys, Im two months into medical school and struggling hard to figure out how to study. In undergrad I had a routine/plan for each exam which included writing everything out and reading textbooks, etc. but I obviously cannot do that in med school because of the immense amount of info and...
  14. A

    B&B Dental Videos- NBDE Part 1 guidance

    Hello everyone !! I am currently studying for nbde part 1 and I’m almost done with the B&B videos. After that I’ll be doing the B&B flash cards and then keep reviewing. For Dental anatomy, I did the YouTube video with 300 dental anatomy facts. I wanted to ask if these videos and flash cards are...
  15. P

    Is it bad to buy the AAMC material too early?

    Hello, I bought the AAMC material in June this year and I will be testing next year (around April/May/June 2021). I brought the materials early to study content and do practice questions concurrently. I understand that the AAMC releases new materials every October. I was wondering if the new...
  16. Y

    Anki flashcards with the entire Uworld question's vignette: Is this a good strategy for me?

    Hi everyone! I need some advice regarding making anki flashcards with UWorld information. I've tried reading explanations and making only a few flashcards, but that didn't work well for me because I felt I needed more context. Tried to make a small summary of the vignette of the front and...
  17. habbohomer

    Starting college this fall. What is the best study method of the MCAT for someone who's not good at taking standardized tests?

    I personally had a rough time with my ACT/SAT tests and was wondering how I can prepare for the MCAT. Some have said I should study long and hard two months before test day and others have said I should study all throughout college. Any ideas?
  18. SharecareAlex

    Free (Giving away) Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  19. SharecareAlex

    Test Tools Sharecare YOU - medically-accurate software with a free demo

    Hi, We are the development team of a just-released, medically-accurate software application with 3D, living, breathing organs that you can explore, dissect and in some cases, even fly through. We would like you to try our free demo version that is a sneak peek at the full version of Sharecare...
  20. R

    Should I list myself as the Principal Investigator of my study on medical school application?

    I am currently a rising junior in college, and have designed a study, as well as submit it to the IRB. I am listed as the principal investigator on the submissions to the IRB. I am also the one handling feedback from the IRB, and making revisions to the project. I have a faculty advisor, listed...
  21. S

    Selling MCAT Books (2017 Berkeley Review set, Examkrackers (10th ed), Kaplan (2nd edition), etc.

    Hey guys, I wanted to sell my MCAT books now that I have been accepted into medical school! Let me know if you are interested! Examkrackers 10th edition: 120$ OBO Kaplan 2nd edition: 50$ OBO Berkeley Review 2017 for new MCAT: 350$ OBO Just Message me for the other books. If you buy any of the...
  22. nishaluke29

    Pre-Opt Free Resources!

    Hi everyone! I really wanted to make a pre-optometry community resource folder on google drive. Right now I only have a few people on it and I’d love to add more! The folder has two sections: OAT content and Optometry School Info. The OAT content isn’t super developed rn but with time we’ll...
  23. girlunobserved

    How many hours a day did you study the summer before your STEP 1?

    I'm doing 9 right now, mostly because of my study buddy, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed because it's summer and I have research projects on top of this
  24. elloL

    The Berkley Review - updated?

    I am currently ordering supplies to start studying for the MCAT, and I have seen many favorable reviews for TBR content books. I went on their website to order, but some of their stuff is from 2018 and some from 2019. I looked for the newest versions, but could not find them. Are these the most...
  25. Gabrieldnc

    Starting from zero

    Hi, good morning to everyone. I have a doubt about my studies. If you had to start, from zero and study dentistry, how would you do, considering only books? What book would you read first and what's next?
  26. C

    Taking summer off to study?

    Hi all, I am planning to take the MCAT at the end of my summer break (3 months) and am aiming for MD programs. Would anyone recommend taking the entire summer off to study for the MCAT? I was initially planning on doing research for ~30 hours/week for 2 months, but I was wondering if I am...
  27. TXneuronerd15

    Prepjet reaction

    So far I like how organized the program is, but the domain summaries are very short compared to Academic Review. Anyone who has used prepjet feel that the summaries are thorough enough for the actual test who has taken it? (Please only answer about how similar overall the material was to the...
  28. D

    How in-depth should the review be?

    Title says it all! Looking to get opinions on how in-depth the review should be. AAMC recommends around 300-350 hours of review. For example: The concept of Gluconeogenesis, to what it extent would it need to be reviewed? Does understanding what it is and what it does suffice or does every...
  29. jg2021

    What is the best way to prepare a sufficient MCAT study schedule/where to start?

    I am entering my second semester of my junior year and am taking 13 credits, planning on taking the MCAT in May or June (have not scheduled it yet). I am taking biochem (which I am retaking from my first semester because I know I can get a better grade + I think it will better prepare me for...
  30. Tobirama

    Study Guide for Step 1 Study Starting Day 1 of MS1

    I'm enrolled for MS1 next year and have been gathering information to come up with a plan to start studying for Step1 beginning on the first day of class. Does anyone have any experience doing this and how did it work out? My plan is to focus on my preclinical studies and gain a strong...
  31. Sage of Pale Bones

    Will the awesome folks who wrote up the SDN 100 day 2019 schedule be releasing a 2020 version anytime soon?

    I want to order the prep material early, especially TBR products as those I have to mail order, I'm just wondering if I should wait a bit for an updated schedule with the new AAMC material before I spend the money. Thanks!
  32. DrSatan

    Study resources?

    Anyone have recommendations for how to study neurology that's not just read up on your patients? I have a localization book that has basic information on diseases as well, but I don't do well just reading to learn. Are there any good flashcards or question banks people use? I'm only a PGY-2...
  33. jg2021

    need some biochem study tips

    So I am in biochemistry right now and have my first exam in two days. A lot of the material is built off of prior orgo and gen chem knowledge, as this first exam is on amino acids, functional groups, pka curves, and hemoglobin/myoglobin saturation curves, however I just bombed my second quiz on...
  34. M

    MCAT study partner

    Hi, I am interested in making an online MCAT study group via Skype! Please, provide your skype id if interested. Thanks
  35. M

    Help with studying habits? Chances for optometry school?

    My GPA keeps dropping! I’m scared to death. My GPA before I took Physics 2 & Organic Chemistry 2 was 3.34. I got C’s in both of those, then it dropped to a 3.31. Once I took Biochemistry, for a C in that, and got more B’s than C’s in my other classes that semester it dropped to a 3.28. I just...
  36. M

    Retaking the MCAT, but feeling confused as to where to start

    I got my test scores back yesterday, and scored a 487 (121/121/121/124). I originally was going to follow the SN2Ed study plan, but my study partner had time restraints so we tried something else. We studied for 3 1/2 months. The first month was content review from a test prep book found on...
  37. Feelgood MD

    Dr. Najeeb lectures - lifetime subscription today only for $10

    PSA Looks like this is a good time to invest in some Najeeb: World's Most Popular Medical Lectures
  38. M

    Anki Question...

    Is there anyone using Anki filtered decks with "hierarchical tags" as their primary study strategy instead of one or two large main Anki deck(s)? If so, a few questions: 1 -- What strategy have you found works best ? 2-- What tags did you add yourself ( i.e. subject, Uworld, FA) ? 3-- What...
  39. J

    USMLE A study plan/schedule needed for IMG

    Hello there, I have just finished my step 2CK and I am planning to start studying for step 1.. does any one have a study plan for IMG that works? Thanks
  40. H


    Looking for a study partner for upcoming 2019 ABEM - American Board of Emergency Medicine board exam. Please message me if interested. Thanks!