1. A

    Associate or Ownership - Free Dental Web Resources for Both - Updated 2023

    Here are some great e-resources that compile the most up-to-date information in dentistry sent directly to your email inbox. The great thing is they are all absolutely free with no spamming. FYI - I am a subscriber myself. It's great info and worth passing on. Clinch...
  2. A


    Here are some great e-resources that compile the most up-to-date information in dentistry sent directly to your email inbox. The great thing is they are all absolutely free with no spamming. FYI - I am a subscriber myself. It's great info and worth passing on. Clinch...
  3. Mr.Smile12

    HPSA/SDN article archive

    HPSA/SDN Resources/Articles for preparing for Casper/Altus Suite 1) Casper Test 101: What Casper is and How to Prepare in 2022 - SDN 2) From the Creators of CASPer: What You Need to Know About the CASPer Test - SDN 3) How to Prepare For Any CASPer Test Scenario - SDN 4) CASPer for Medical...
  4. C

    New Materials for Studying? 2022 Incoming MS1s

    Hello everyone! I am an incoming MS1 this year in medical school. I wanted to start a thread for compiling some well-known resources and some of the lesser known ones to get over the summer prior to medical school starting so I am not scrambling last minute 😅 I have found a few that are...
  5. esob

    Medical Medical School Study Resources Mega Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to listing and discussing med school resources. Feel free to contribute to the list and I'll update this post as we go. I'll also try to add costs to the resources as well as I get some time. Video Resources - Boards and Beyond - Sketchy Micro - Sketchy Pharm -...
  6. Ryze

    Physeo-like Medical School Curriculum

    Hello Med Students! I am a new grad PA who was having a huge internal battle of whether or not if I should go back to medical school. I have ultimately decided to try working as a PA for a few years first. However, I do acknowledge I have holes in my knowledge for the foundational sciences. And...
  7. F

    CARS Strategy Resources

    I've been reading 3 JW CARS passages per day for about a month now, but I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I know everyone says CARS improvement is slow, but I'm starting to feel like I need to branch out. I have the Kaplan CARS book since it came with the full set, but I've been avoiding...
  8. PortlandOregon

    Step 1 score 263 - AMA

    These threads helped me and so i thought I would share my experience, contribute my data, and try to answer any questions. I'm a 3rd-year at a top/middle tier US med school and went to an ivy league school for undergrad. UWA1: 256 CBSE paid for by school: 245 NBME 21: 240 (1 month out) NBME...
  9. Tobirama

    Study Guide for Step 1 Study Starting Day 1 of MS1

    I'm enrolled for MS1 next year and have been gathering information to come up with a plan to start studying for Step1 beginning on the first day of class. Does anyone have any experience doing this and how did it work out? My plan is to focus on my preclinical studies and gain a strong...
  10. A

    MD & DO Best way to get textbook PDFs to annotate?

    Is there anyway to get medical textbook PDFs that you can annotate on iPad? Whenever I get books on Amazon you can only highlight and make notes through typing only.
  11. DrSatan

    Study resources?

    Anyone have recommendations for how to study neurology that's not just read up on your patients? I have a localization book that has basic information on diseases as well, but I don't do well just reading to learn. Are there any good flashcards or question banks people use? I'm only a PGY-2...
  12. BlueBee20

    boards resources - ovewhelmed

    hello all - looking for advice! i've just begun second year and all anyone talks about anymore is BOARDS. please help me decide what to throw my cash at as far as resources go! i understand UFAPS is where it's at. i will be getting UWORLD 6 months, i have first aid, i plan to get sketchy, and...
  13. R

    Everybody wants to learn radiology - Here's how you actually do it!

    I was going to put this information in a reply to another post, but figured it's such a big topic that it deserved its own post. And I think the radiology resource recommendations to students and physicians on this site are ok, but not great, and only listed by popular vote which has its flaws...
  14. B

    What resources and study strategies did you use in D1?

    Hey guys! What resources and study strategies helped you the most with D1 classes? Classes like Gross Anatomy & Physiology, Microbio & Immunology, Nutrition, Dental Anatomy, Perio, all that good stuff. Realistically, sticking to the lecture slides is best, but what other methods and tools did...
  15. M

    Resources to Learn Spanish

    Hello! I'm interested in learning Spanish during my gap year and I was wondering if anyone had ideas for cheap/free resources that I could use. Just some background, I know VERY little Spanish and would be starting as a beginner.
  16. Rads Consult

    Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even...
  17. M

    Best MCAT resources for content review

    Hello! So I have just under 5 months for content review. Looking to dedicate about 500 hours to studying. I am wondering what the best sources are for content review? I know that some people recommend certain companies for each subject tested on the exam. I will be using full lengths...
  18. BabyDaddy

    What should I read pre-Surgery rotation?

    I know there are plenty of textbooks out there for surgery. I've cracked open a couple and it seems like they are full of theory. Are there any that will prepare me for all the day-to-day stuff (how to remove a drain, what all the dressings are called, names of surgical instruments, acronyms...
  19. M

    Good resource for online medical school lectures? Lecturio? Kaplan?

    Hi guys, I currently attend a Canadian medical school that has little to no lectures. Is there a way to still be able to get a traditional medical education with online lectures? I don't mind paying for the resources but wanted good quality lectures that go in depth. I am doing this for my own...
  20. S

    Step 1 Resources

    For medical students looking for Physiology by Costanzo for their first two years in preparation for Step 1, contact me. For those in anatomy looking for Netter's Coloring book, contact me.
  21. Govols22

    Good resources for M1 students?

    I'm under the assumption that I probably shouldn't touch too much of the UFAP stuff my first year. I'm really looking for something that can give me additional visual aid while I learn material as I am going through medical school. I've seen a few boards and beyond videos and I really like them...
  22. C

    Big Blue, Big Red, Ranger Red for sale

    Selling: - Ranger Red 10th edition with audio MP3 player. Untouched - I ran out of time and decided to use UBP instead -Big Blue 26th edition, all 3 volumes. Used but no markings on pages -Big Red 26th edition. Used but no markings on pages All listed for $595 on Dr. Jensen’s website. Will...
  23. joe7456

    Most helpful resources in medical school?

    Hello, I hope you are all doing well today. I am about to transition into medical school this fall. I grew up poor and usually used resources that were cheap or available for free. Now, my position has changed as I will have a little extra money from loans + my savings from working in the...
  24. H

    Non-UFAPS resources geared towards COMLEX Level 1?

    (erased for privacy)
  25. thehopefulvet

    Recommendations for small animal anatomy/physiology books and resources?

    I'm taking human anatomy & physiology in my undergrad but in my current shadowing position at a veterinary surgical clinic I feel I would appreciate surgical procedures better if I had a more thorough understanding of, in my case, canine and feline anatomy and some basic physiology. I have been...
  26. Docmasi

    Textbook access in clinics

    I am recently graduated, but figured some tech savvy students might have a solution to a problem my (now former) classmates and I are having. I have around 500 digital textbooks/notes all in PDF form that I would like to have access to on a daily basis while in clinics. Since the back of...
  27. CingulateGyro

    USMLE Step 2 CS physical exam videos + study guide

    I have been working on a Step 2 resource of all study materials I compiled when I was preparing for the exam last year. I am still working on the resources CK and shelf exams, but I wanted to share what I have written about Step 2 CS! I went a little overkill studying for CS after hearing...
  28. Dr. Amoeba

    BOTH I want to get started early, but I have no idea how...

    I'm an incoming DO Student, and I've been told that I should begin studying for the Step 1 ASAP. As a result, I'm trying figure out which resources I should get now so I can begin prepping, and which materials I should hold off on getting until maybe I begin my second year. I ask this because...
  29. sahell

    265 with 5 hours of sleep - An IMG's story

    After wrestling the beast, I realise that no amount of training can truly prepare you. It’s like nothing else out there. That being said, this account is an attempt to alleviate the anxiety that will plague me for hopefully only the next three weeks. Reading past experiences guided me during the...
  30. E

    What do you use to study for boards?

    What do palliative care fellows use to study for boards? On amazon I see some sample test kindle books for sale, but not many books for study. Is there something that fellows commonly use to study for boards, or review courses?
  31. A

    MCAT score increases after prep-programs

    Hi guys, How much did yalls score increase after taking a prep program such as princeton review or kaplan? Did you find the prep-program to be helpful or not really?
  32. smileyfacegirl27

    Approach to improving Chem/Phys Section score?

    Hey all! I am currently taking the MCAT in January and Chem/Phys is my weakest section, I am consistently getting around 125 on every practice exam I take. As I have the MCAT in 60 days, I am looking to improve all my sections but especially this one since I can't seem to get the numbers to...
  33. L

    GRE Test Prep Resources

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would recommend some websites that offer free (great) practice exams and studying material for the GRE/GMAT? I would love to put down some cash to actually buy the books but I'm currently on a budget strain and that isn't an option for me at the moment. Thank...
  34. W0rldTraveler107

    Surgery Shelf

    Hello, I know this topic has been discussed a few times but I could not find any recent new posts about it. From those who have taken the Surgery Clerkship NBME.... 1) What resources did you use? 2) Which resources did you find the most helpful? Did it help you score well on the nbme? 3) With...
  35. magicmadnessmedicine

    USMLE Rx Step 1 Discount Code (50% off)

    I am sharing a discount code for the USMLE Rx 360 12 month package. This provides you with access to all their content. I know I will be doing all the practice questions from USMLE Rx, Kaplan, and UWorld before Step. Only available for a limited amount of time. This is a 50% discount from their...
  36. medlife2017

    Giving Away Free Firecracker Discount (Best Out There)

    Hello all, I have been using firecracker while at Wayne and I highly recommend getting a subscription for any medical student out there that wants to keep up with material for the step exam. If you decide to get it, please use my referral code, which will give you a huge discount and save me...
  37. P

    AMBOSS for Shelf Exams & MS3?

    So AMBOSS gave a presentation to our med school today, and from what I gathered, it's designed to be a comprehensive, single resource for MS3, including a Qbank and Library. They are based in Germany and used as the primary resource for students and physicians across Europe. There's a lot of...
  38. Epicurusall

    MD Boards and Beyond

    In passing through multiple threads I've read that B&B is an excellent resource for filling in gaps in knowledge when preparing for step 1. My question is, are these videos such a good learning tool that they should be used alongside MS1 courses to learn the basic sciences and systems? Or, is...
  39. N

    MD & DO How much to allocate for resources for Step 1?

    Hi all, I'm an incoming 1st year and am wondering how much I should plan to allocate towards resources for Step 1 and maybe some other notes or books and such for the first 2 years. It seems that everyone has different recommendations as to what sources are worth it and what aren't so I made a...
  40. W

    Step 2 CS book confusion

    Hi everyone! I was looking into Step 2 CS book resources and besides FA, I stumbled upon the Kaplan case books. However there seem to be multiple books with similar(?) cases A) "Core Cases", 3rd ed, from 2013 with 35 cases, 408 pages B) a new book called "Complex Cases", 4th ed, from 2016...