Jan 8, 2014

My husband is going for a medical attachment at Mount Sinai and we are able to take up student hostel at 3 east 101 street.

Are there anyone who can give me a feedback of the hostel? We are not too familiar with nyc and we are heard 'stories' east harlem. There is a 24hr doorman though...

Can another advise us on the safety issue/ public transport convienience/ cleaniness level of that building.

Lastly, I've googled the place via google map. I've noticed there's construction going on right beside/behind that building. Just wondering if the heavy construction work has been completed (we are ok with minor construction) since image in google map might not been updated and could have been screen shot images of few years back.

Really appreciate advice regarding this since we are soooo lost!!! Students/doctors living within the vinicity or that building itself, if you happen to read this thread please advice me!! Thank so much!!