MPH / MSPH 2024: Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected, Attending

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Aug 22, 2023
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Hello everyone! I am quite new to this forum and this is my first post, but after looking into previous threads, I wanted to start a new thread for this current application cycle! This will be for us who are planning on starting our programs during the fall of 2024. It seems that the forum has been a little silent recently, but hopefully it can pick up, Anyways, good luck to all! I'm excited to start this process!

*Optional* Template:

Undergraduate School/School type:
Undergrad GPA/Major GPA:
Grad GPA (if applicable):
Grad studies (if applicable):
GRE(including date taken):


Letters of Rec:



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Hi, did anyone apply for Harvard MPH-EPI hybrid program this year? This year seems to be quite silent compared to the previous years.
Hello everyone, this is my first year applying for an MPH program, and I have a rather unique background in the field of public health. I am a certified medical physicist from Hong Kong, specializing in radiation protection and radiotherapy. For this admission cycle, I have only applied to the online/hybrid programs at Harvard and Oxford. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me assess my chances of being admitted to these programs. Thank you in advance!

Undergraduate School/School type: Top University in Hong Kong
Undergrad GPA/Major GPA: WES scaled GPA: 3.28
Major/minor: Physics (I know it is quite rare for an MPH applicant, but my physics training has provided me with strong quantitative skills, hope it can give me some advantages of applying MPH in EPI)
Grad GPA (if applicable): WES scaled GPA: 4.0/4.0 in a Top 5 University in the UK (awarded as the best master student in the department)
Grad studies (if applicable): MSc in Medical Physics
GRE (including date taken): NA


- 5 years of work as a medical physicist in a large hospital, specializing in radiation protection and radiotherapy. Hold the role of Radiation Protection Supervisor, overseeing all radiation-related work in the clinical oncology department to ensure radiation safety. Involved in designing radiation protection guidelines and providing training on potential health risks of radiation. Clinical experience primarily focused on radiotherapy treatment planning.

- In addition to the above duties, I have been involved in extensive clinical research in my hospital, mostly related to radiation side effects in radiation oncology and radiotherapy technology.

- 4 peer-reviewed journal publications in the field of radiation oncology or medical physics (1 as first author, 2 as second author, and 1 as fifth author). A few conference posters and invited to speak at several academic conferences in the field of medical physics.

Other experience:

- Vice-Chairman of the Union of Physicists in Hong Kong.
- Council member of a high-tech radiotherapy study society in Hong Kong.
- Active involvement in the Radiation Protection Society of Hong Kong.

Letters of Rec:
- 1 from my current department manager.
- 1 from my master's supervisor.
- 1 from the department head of my master's degree.

Interests: Radiation Epidemiology. Also, I want to improve my skills in clinical statistics.

Applied: Harvard MPH-EPI (hybrid program), Oxford MSc in Medical Statistics
Accepted: Harvard MPH-EPI (1/25)
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Undergraduate School/School type: Big 10 State School
Undergrad GPA/Major GPA: 3.3
Major/minor: Microbiology/Public Health
Grad GPA (if applicable): N/A
Grad studies (if applicable): N/A
GRE(including date taken): N/A

3 years undergraduate research
CDC Lewis Scholar

Letters of Rec:
Research PI
Professor (had for 4 classes)
CDC Lewis Scholar Mentor

Epidemiology, mostly

Applied: Drexel EPI MPH, Pitt IDM MPH, Emory dual EPI MPH/PhD, UPenn dual MPH/PhD, UMich dual MPH/PhD
Accepted: Drexel MPH (+$22k), Michigan MPH, Emory MPH
UPenn PhD
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