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Mar 21, 2004
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Hey guys..just a question re: med school grading and class ranks. I'd imagine this differs by school but what is the grading system generally like in med school--is it an A, B, C.. system or more likely to be a pass, fail, honors pass type system.

Also, do med schools rank their students--i.e. so-and-so was ranked #2 at graduation (or after MS1, MS2, MS3) while someone else was ranked #65? I'm particularly curious about this for Penn Med, but if anyone can provide general info that would be helpful as well.


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Jun 10, 2003
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I asked these same questions to a member here who answered through PM, so maybe I can post his answers and he can correct me if I'm wrong:

Penn Med is P/F for first 6 months, H/P/F for next 1 yr, then it is H/HP/P/LP/F for your clinical years (essentially ABCDF)

Penn Med only ranks their students in thirds of class that appear as adjectives describing your performance as a resident in your Dean's Letter. Top third is "outstanding resident", lower is "good resident", and not sure about middle.

Hope this is all correct!

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