Apr 5, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hi everyone. I am fortunate enough to get accepted into several DO schools this cycle, and I am currently deciding between MSUCOM and KCUMB.

I am an international student interested in internal medicine, so I'll have to go through the H1B IM residency match in the future. For this reason, I looked into the match list for MSU and KCU, and I am orientated toward choosing KCUMB since it matched more students into H1B IM residency friendly hospitals in the past few years. But I would like to know more about each school's preclinical and clinical education before I make my decision.

I have to take USMLE for the H1b residency, so I prefer schools that give students time and flexibility to study for step 1, although I don't know about the USMLE scores for these two schools.

-Not focus on OMM, P/F grading, non-mandatory attendances = more time to prep for USMLE

-Cheap tuition, plus scholarship

-Heard mixed reviews about its clinical rotation, would appreciate it if someone could explain the situation in more detail

-P/F grading, somewhat mandatory attendances, more research opportunities
-Heard great things about its rotation, has more teaching hospitals

-Expensive tuition

I would love to hear some advice/opinions from this forum. Thank you for your time!
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