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Jake Peralta

2+ Year Member
Aug 31, 2016
Hi everyone!

I'm very lucky to hold acceptances at two of my top schools, and was hoping to gather some input. Currently, I am leaning towards MSUCOM with more specialty core rotations and ties to SCS residency programs, but the biggest drawback for me is OOS tuition. UNECOM on the other hand, I love for its new facilities, smaller class size, and more affordable tuition.

(+) Core rotations include primary care + ER + Neurology, Radiology, Anesthesiology all in 3rd year, + several 4th year elective rotations available through their SCS! I would love the opportunity to feel out my specialty earlier on, and potentially establish a good relationship with Attendings at an EM residency affiliated hospital (currently eyeing Henry Ford/ Sparrow). Coming from a large college I am unopposed to the university life in East Lansing as well (on the waitlist at Detroit)

(-) Facilities at East Lansing are old (though they're currently undergoing construction), slightly lower USMLE/ COMLEX than national average (from what I gathered via internet search, not sure if this is accurate), OOS tuition of 87 k :(

(+) New facilities, smaller class size, gorgeous campus, "family" like feel, great reputation in the NE region, higher COMLEX and USMLE than national average, 60k tuition, starts in July so more time for family/friends

(-) 3rd year core rotations are mostly primary-care focused, and ER + selective rotations occur in 4th year (I don't think primary care focused is an actual con, but I would like to get a feel of specialties earlier on in my clinical education). UNE also has fewer residency-affiliated hospitals available for EM (just one @ Rhode)/ non primary care specialties - although at the end of the day, I know would still need to apply broadly.

Lastly, this insider's reflection... :(

- Good programs both ways, great residency match rates both ways, feel confident I would be getting great clinical education wherever I go! If tuition wasn't sky high, I would do MSUCOM in a heartbeat, but I also don't want to throw this opportunity away just because of cost and regret this in 4 years time. UNECOM on the other hand, my first acceptance...the "Biddeford magic," holds a special place in my heart!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Would appreciate any input you can provide :) Stay safe and well!
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