MUA vs Saba Vs St. Matthew's

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Dec 2, 2021
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Hello Everyone!

I'm currently in the process of interviewing for all 3 schools. All 3 are owned by the same company and accept federal loans.. I don't want to take physics and wait another year to apply for medical school and these schools don't require physics. Saba is considered the top 4 and the flagship. It's more recognized by hospital administration staff and it's accredited by the Netherlands. MUA is considered a top 5 by some accounts. St. Matthew's is on a very developed island. All 3 will be expensive. I heard that the teaching staff changed for SABA so I'm not sure of how the quality of Saba's learning environment. Saba has a great alumni base that has been in top institutions. MUA also has a decent alumni base. St. Matthew's has a decent alumni base in Florida, but they don't have California approval. All islands are expensive, but St. Matthew's is located on one of the most expensive islands in the world. Saba has to have a lot of food imported in and I heard the food prices are double of other islands. I also heard that Saba students have an issue with landlords. Due to there not being a court system on the island, some landlords are overcharging students and making it too expensive. St. Matthew's is partnered with 2 local clinics. MUA and Saba just have clinical classes, from what I've read. They both do system-based classes. All 3 have small class sizes. Are there any recent or current students that can comment on any of the 3 schools? Thank you!

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