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May 10, 2013
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    I currently have a summer research position lined up, and I was wondering how feasible it would be to work on a second research project on the side over the next few months (since, like everyone else, COVID killed any travel plans I would have otherwise had....) Does anybody have any experience doing this, or have any tips on contact etiquette, setting boundaries on availability, and overall feasibility? I consider myself to be organized and really good with time management, but only if I have a good understanding of how much time I can devote to each endeavor I have.

    Asking because I don't currently have much experience with research, and I'm aiming to match into large academic programs. Thank you!

    You just have to be honest with yourself, will you be able to commit to the second research project? Proper ettiquitee would be to make sure you follow through with your commitment to the first project since you already reached out to them.

    What type of research projects are they? (lab work, retro analysis, case report?) that will provide better insight on whether or not it's feasible to balance multiple projects out.
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