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Apr 5, 2005
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A physician and 2 RNs, stranded at a New Orleans hospital immediately post-Katrina, have been arrested for murder, for euthanizing several frail patients with ODs of morphine and versed.

While we could argue for years about the ethics and morality of their actions, here's the actual indictment for those interested:

Here's the centerpiece of the evidence:

==>> After the forensic pathologist reviewed the records and the test results, he advised that in all four cases it appeared that a lethal amount of morphine was administered. Additionally, in two cases the concentration of midazolam was greater than expected from normal therapeutic doses. The forensic pathologist advised that according to the medical records, none of the four patients were being administered morphine or midazolam for their routine pharmaceutical care requirements.

All in all, the witnesses' statements are pretty damning.

Here's what the defendants are charged with:
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