my chances?


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May 7, 2019
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Your GPA is lower than average, but it's not that low. Your DAT also makes up slightly for it. The average matriculant had a 3.55/3.45s and 20.5AA. You're almost competitive with a 3.4/3.2s and 21AA, and I think you have a good chance if you write a good personal statement, have strong letters, and apply broadly.

You also do not need a masters, but a few post-bacc classes could do you well this cycle. In the fall semester, take a couple more science classes and ace them, try to get your GPA as high as possible. If you haven't gotten accepted in Dec, apply for a couple more in the spring. That way, you would be have another 4-6 science classes to up your GPA and will ready for next cycle in case you don't get in this cycle.
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