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Aug 18, 2002
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Hello Everyone,
I am bit new at this so I'll just wing it. I have a question regarding my chances at med. school secondaries. I am a rising junior at a UC. My GPA, as I have calculated, at the end of my junior year will be 3.77 and at least from recent practce MCAT test, my range seems to be between 33-36. Looking strictly at these numbers, do you guys what kind of schools will reject me off the bat. Thanks.


i don't think anywill just from those numbers. the rest of your app and interview will dictate success. goodluck,


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Nov 19, 2001
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There are people with 4.0's with near 40 on the MCAT that never get into med school, so numbers won't tell you anything. As stated by jot, it's all about the whole combination. A 3.3 and 24 on the MCAT could get you in to any school if you are a saint outside of the classroom.
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