Feb 17, 2010
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Before attending grad school I was anxious, excited, motivated and ready to start
a new chapter in my life. My first year was great, I mean it was challenging but
no problems. It was not until my second year that I started noticing what really
went on in the department. I all of a sudden felt like I was in high school again,
and I am not referring to the students. Certain professors displayed a great deal
of favoritism towards some students. It was to the point that class did not feel like
class, it felt like I was sitting in on a tutoring session. I even felt that it got in the way
of fair grading. They gave near perfect scores to their favorite students who would write
their papers under the influence of alcohol. Hard work was never appreciated, at least
not by certain professors. The students favored were usually their assistants, which I
Personally thought was a conflict of interest. In addition to that many students were discriminated
against for many reasons such as their race, religion, and sex. It was sad to see this happen
Many students tried doing something about it, but it didn't help that the director was apart of it.
It is sad that this is occurring in a doctorate level program in the year 2010. Fortunately I was
able to meet some amazing people that helped me get through all the BS that went on in the
Program. I am now finished and excited that I do not have to stand another day of that.
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Nov 6, 2008
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That's interesting. I brought up a few questions about that when I visited Au.D programs. This happens anywhere and it's very pathetic. Of course, the faculty members will not even bother answering that question or even answer with honesty. The Au.D students were my target and I sure got some interesting answers. ;) I am sorry you went through that and I'm glad that you held on tight and made it through! How is your new career?!