My final USMLE Prep question (i think, yes, it's the last question, maybe)

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Oct 30, 2006
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So, I have spent the last month on this webiste trying to create a plan of attack.

My final question comes down to which qbank.

Here's my plan: Qbank now for 3 months, then 1 month of USMLErX to drill first aid into my brain.

Is this over doing it? I can afford the $100 bucks for usmle rx at the end, but I am afraid I will waste qbank because most of the time I will be in school. I am hoping it will get me to start studying because $300 bucks is a lot, but I have spent >20k on my tuition and that hasn't helped much. If I can get through qBank in the next three months, with annotation to FA, I think it will put me in a good spot for the final crunch month.

If I spend an hour a day during the week, and 2 hours on saturday, I think I can get through 200 questions a week. That would put me finishing qbank right on time.

Here's the question:

Do Qbank a little at a time for the next three months once through and make notes. Then drill home FA with usmlerx the last month. OR, wait a month, study up, and then use Qbank all the way until the exam and hopefully get through it twice or more.

I also plan to use Robbins Review for path.

Any ideas?(As I write this, I think I will forget about USMLErX, and pick option 2 - wow, thanks for the clarity guys)



No, I don't think so. I did USMLERx first over the last two months or so and completed it about 3 weeks ago. I am now almost done with Qbank- have been doing about 100 Q's/day. I have also read many, many review books. incl. but not all- RR Path 2.5 times, BRS phys 2x, Kaplan Biochem 2X, HY CMB, Histo, Neuroanatomy (2X), etc... and that is about half of it. So, you can never be too ambitious.
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