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Jun 24, 2006
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  1. Podiatry Student
Yahooooooooooooooooooooo! Finally iam done with the Beast. How ever you all guys were absoulely right:thumbup: , there is no other test like it. MCAT is the mother of all. Aint nothing like it. DAT is indeed a baby in front of it. No offense to Pre-dents but DAT's Verbal was pretty basic. MCAT was like a puzzle to me. he he he! Wow! cant believe iam done with it. By the grace of God i scored around 25 and Writing Section i got "N":D .

Well what is the biggest suprise to me is my Verbal Score. I got a 9:D . I just couldnt believe it. I know its not considered super high. but being an immigrant and someone who still uses indianness everywhere, my classmates always discouraged me and one even bet $25 on me that i woudnt cross 7. and i honestly never thought i could do this good.

another suprise was "N" in writing. He he he! based on my shorthand english, many thought i might even get a "X" and my essay declared ineligible. Damn my englsih writing skills were not that bad after all.:)

I dont know, but this MCAT has given me a new level of confidence. i feel very confident now that i will be able to handle reading materials or writing papers etc with ease during my Podiatric School or anyother place in life. I always had this inferiority complex regarding my English skills. But this MCAT has given me a boost.

Iam going on saying to everysingle person who knows me about my MCAT scors. Lol! iam so excited. from last 2 days i didnt slept with tension. and now iam not gonna sleep with Excitement.

I was supposed to fly to india as soon as MCATs are done. but i was nervous abt scores and if something went bad i had to retake it. but now iam all set. so iam gonna fly ASAP. But my badluck as seats are going full for next 2 weeks.:( . I guess till then iam just going to relax and as they say here in USA "TAKE IT EASY!:cool: ". oh boy! iam so excited.
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Jul 11, 2005
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  1. Attending Physician
Good job Cool. Its a good feeling to have it done.


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Dec 6, 2006
South Florida
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As someone who is going to take the MCAT, I just have to say congrats on your score. I am glad to see what people realize how horrible this exam is and that because of it, i think i might apply to podatric school. Very happy for you congrats again.
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