My Perspective of Podiatry; The Flaws

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I am not here to tell you how ****ty podiatry is, because it's not. I love what I do, and I find it fascinating. Truly, I enjoy this profession. My goal is not to scare you away but educated you on the flaws of podiatry and my own concerns. This is to show incoming students the risks/rewards prior acquiring $180,000 debt.

1) School cost, average student loan burden from my acquaintances is $180,000-$300,000. By the time you graduate residency add on another $40-$70k.
- Physican loan repayment programs for underserved communities often excluded podiatrists IN MAJORITY of STATES, so where a Orthopedic surgeon might qualify for 100K-200K grants for servicing underserved communities' podiatrists do not. Even with PSFL(FEDERAL), this helps because it gets rid of the tax bomb, which is the 60,000-90,0000$$ you have to pay to irs after your loans are forgiven if you are lucky enough to get into a PSFL position.
-Physician Assistants in areas like NYC/NJ/Conn are getting 130K, 140K. Podiatry residents from programs with world renown podiatrists are getting offers of $120K. Keep in mind PA/NP debt burden is almost half of ours.
  • I have received offers from 120-130K (Two private practices in California), but mostly on east coast (out of NYC) I have seen mostly $150-185K offers, some likely to reach $200K, most others bonus unlikely (DE, VA, SC, FL, GA). I will likely be working for hospital next year that qualifies me for PSFL, but this is RARE.
2) Podiatry governing bodies are in a toxic phase right now. ABPM and ABFAS are in a pissing contest and it is very unprofessional. I support both and will get certified in both, but it is extremely embarrassing to hear. PA's and NP's scopes are expanding and expanding. Then our recourses are being pooled into this nonsense rivalry. This is because their boards are cohesive and ours are not.
  • There are no podiatrists whom was accepted to Harvard medical school, TUSPM and Scholl then chose to pursue podiatry, let's be honest. More cohesion means a stronger profession, which is what we are lacking right now. Hopefully we can fix it.

3) Poorly trained podiatrists, due to hospitals previous relations with older pods. I have gone on 3 interviews with hospitals, where they were surprised we did medical rotations in hospitals.
  • This point is stressful, I believe we can improve ourselves, but it is a hard journey. Due to poor education and training of some pods, you will have to work 2-3x harder than other specialties to get respect in SOME hospitals. This is true as a resident as well.

Like I said, these are 3 gripes. I have a large student loan burden, which I need 6 more years of PSFL to pay off. I do not qualify for additional grants such as MD, DO and NP for relocating to underserved areas. I am not worried about it too much, but keep in mind, a few states require you to pay $$$ to IRS for loan forgiveness. You will in most states have to pay more then DO/MD back, due to fewer grants. ABPM/ABFAS are dedicated to our development, in different ways but the arguing is annoying. If you are willing to work hard and invest yourself in this field you will be successful. Many practicing pods have a great standard of living. I will have a great standard of living. I enjoy what I do, will fight to enhance podiatric scope and enhance podiatric training. I am very dedicated to this profession but understand these issues.

This post is to help students make an informed decision about a field without bias. I am not employed at a school nor will I be employed by a residency program. My future salary/compensation does not rely on enrollment in podiatry schools.

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Thank you for your contribution.

This is the pre-podiatry forum. We expect all pre-podiatry students to read carefully into this profession among other things before applying.

The same points have been hashed and re-hashed again in all of the forums.

Feel free to make another post if there is anything you you'd like to add in the resident and attending forum.

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