My official transcript lists AP credit with same course name/number multiple times

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Feb 19, 2020
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Hi I am very confused filling out AMCAS coursework section because my school granted "0" credit hours for same course name/number (ex: MATH 110P which is algebra) for different AP credits. For example, AP Calculus BC which gave me credits for MATH 232 (4.00) gave me credit for MATH 231 (0), MATH 129P (0), and MATH 110P (0). And then they gave me credit for AP Calculus AB for MATH 231 (4.00) along with MATH 129P (0), and MATH 110P (0). I am very conflicted how to enter this "exactly as it appears on my transcript" and ended up with the attached. Would you say this is correct way to put AP credits? I contacted AMCAS office with calls and emails and each representative gave me different answers for this every single time, so I am very sad. Your expertise will be greatly appreciated. @LizzyM and other experts pls help. My worst fear is this very silly thing becomes an issue and delay my app for 1-2 months.

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There's an AP credit flag at the bottom of each class. Put the number of credits as 0 and flag it as AP.
if you see in the image of my AMCAS entrance, I already did that. My question is do I enter "MATH 110P" as 0 credit 3 times on AMCAS and flag each with AP.
Hi! Did you get an answer to this by any chance? I'm in the exact same predicament and am not sure how to enter my AP credits because of this. Also, did you mark your courses that you did take as repeats if you have 0 AP credits inputted for it?