NABP Eligibility

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Apr 8, 2020
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I sent my transcript into NABP on 5/24, and I confirmed with NABP that they are waiting for my state BOP to grant eligibility. I know probably the wait and processing times are longer but it has been more than 10 business days. NABP confirmed my transcript has not been processed and there is no note on my profile that the transcript is processing.

I'm just concerned since all of my classmates received their ATT (in another state) but I know the California state board is super slow so that's probably why I do not have my ATT. I confirmed with NABP that they do not need my transcripts to grant me eligibility and the state board does that, but they need the transcript for the score to be released. Is there a way on NABP that shows the transcript has been received and processed or do I just bug the chat agent to see if there has been any updates.

Also wondering that even when I get my ATT after CA BOP has granted me eligibility and I take my test but let's say NABP never processed my transcript, my score will not be released. For those of you who had your scores held due to missing transcript, did NABP tell you they are still missing your transcript?

And do you think I should e-mail another transcript? Thanks!!

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