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Apr 5, 2000
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I am behind most of you and have yet to submit my application. I am taking a couple summer classes that will be done on Aug 3, so I hope to submit around Aug. 7
I have been working at a psychiatry research technician full-time for the last three years. The PI that I work under is pretty famous in his field. I haven't included his name in my personal statement so far when mentioning my research experience because I feel like that might be tacky. What do you all think? Should I name-drop, or not?

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Aug 7, 2000
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My personal opinion on this case.. is that it would be ok to include it. I would say it wouldnt be ok if you were simply dropping the name of a politician as "look at me, I know senator so and so", or My family is friends with Congressman so and so and he thinks i should go to med school.,"

To me it is different if it is a researcher. So I would say go ahead. I would hope he wrote one of your reccomendation letters :)
Good luck.. and get that application out as soon as you can.


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Jun 6, 2006
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I also believe it is okay because you are doing research with him. I am also doing research and in my personal statement I said something along the lines of "I do such and such research under the supervision of Dr. So and So." Obviously worded better but you get the point. I wasn't trying to name drop and the guy I do research under isn't anywhere close to famous, although he is associated with the med school I want to go to and is on their committee!
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