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    "Promotion Selection Boards: Good luck to all LCDRs and CDRs in zone for selection at the 5-9 February O-6 board and the 27-31 March O-5 board. This year's in-zone promotion opportunities will be much improved over the past several years. Constraints placed on Navy Medicine have limited the in-zone promotion opportunities at senior grades in recent years, in some cases to less than 60%. However for this year and the next several years the Medical Corps is in a much better position with respect to senior officer manning.

    PERS has approved an in-zone promotion opportunity for this year's O-6 and O-5 selection boards of 80%. Promotion to O-4 will continue to be an "all fully qualified" selection.

    The in-zone promotion opportunity sets the maximum number of eligible officers that can be promoted to the next higher grade, expressed as a percent of the number in the in-zone category. The true in-zone promotion rate must also factor the number of promotions given to those above-zone and below-zone."

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