NBDE 1 - will I be ready? Please help

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Jun 18, 2012
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I am taking the part 1 boards in one week, and I have done the following: 2012 dental decks, all of anatomy and dental anatomy and half of microbiology. I have not yet done the biochem section. Also I have not taken any practice tests. I forgot to mention this is my second attempt at the part 1 boards, I took it last year with 74% as my final score...last year I did only the first half of dental decks and a few practice tests. What else should I do and how should I utilize my next week? What should I be scoring on practice tests to know if I'm ready? Should I reschedule? Is there anything else I need to be doing in order to pass? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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i was just wondering, do you know anyone who is using USMLE material to study for the NBDE part 1?
yeah I am looking for USMLE stuff too. I think they are much more useful than our Kaplan notes.even the first aid is more interesting to read... yeah I do one thing I read those which is necessary for dental part.
when you are planning to give this exam?