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    Aug 16, 2011
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    Has anyone ever actually seen a score change after their audit?

    I passed the NBDE I, but I was expecting a score around 10 points higher than what I achieved. Is it worth spending the $60 to verify the scores?

    I spent a month - 12 hours per day studying using the most common sources. I was scoring raw 70s - 80s on all practice tests. My average, precurve (not my comp score) was a 62. All scores below the national mean.

    Any thoughts?
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    May 31, 2010
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    Not really worth it. Your score will probably not change. Keep in mind some questions are trick questions in that one word in the question can change the meaning of the entire question and what seems obvious may not have been what was asked. Or the famous best answer questions that people get wrong bc they did misinterpreted the question.
    Choose the best answer.
    For example lets say there is a question like what are factors that increase caries development?

    1. fermentable carbohydrate source only
    2. cariogenic bacteria only
    3. compromised host defense only
    4. frequency of eating only

    A. All of the the above
    B. 1, 2 & 3
    C. 1 & 2
    D. None of the above

    Most people who dont realize this is a trick question may pick A. A is wrong bc of the word only so we can say statement 1 is false, as well as 2. same reason the term only is used. So since 1 and 2 are false I can eliminate choices A, B and C and in this case the best answer is D. This is an obvious trick question but its for illustration, the trick questions are not always as obvious. Thats why if you ever tool the Canadian version of the test they tell your your interpretation of the test is also being tested... Thats the warning that there are trick questions.

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