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Need advice about competing future Pre-Req classes for Medical School


New Member
Jun 8, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi there! I was hoping to get some advice regarding the completion of my pre-requisites needed for Medical School.

Currently, I am a 2nd year Political Science major at a UC, and am projected to graduate Spring of 2021 (a year early). I was originally doing Political Science as well as a Pre-Med core track. However, after getting a D+ in Gen Bio, I am no longer allowed to compete Life Science classes at my school. I have already completed Calculus and Gen Chem. With that being said, I’m having difficulty deciding my next steps.

As of right now, I’m registered to complete the entire series of Biology, with Lab, at another UC this summer. My plan is to take Bio this summer, finish my Bachelors, and graduate spring 2021. From there, I would enroll in CC to compete the last of my prereqs (OChem + Physics + any additional helpful classes).

My concern is that I am not sure if my application would lose its integrity if I were to satisfy 2 of the premed series at a community college. Does this sound feasible? Or should I consider enrolling in a Post-Bacc program to satisfy the requirements? I also have the option of dragging out my major requirements and staying another year at my UC, and satisfying the rest of the prereqs in the summer. For reference, my major GPA is 3.9, my cumulative is 3.5, and my science is quite low at 2.3, but this is mainly because I failed Biology. Messing with GPA calculators showed me that getting As in future classes still has the potential to bring the science gpa up in the low-mid 3. GPA.
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