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Need advice and help to get into dental school

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by futuredentist786, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. futuredentist786

    Dec 7, 2018
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    These are my stats please offer advice. I did not have a strong bio background coming out of engineering. So a lot of the Master classes I have never been exposed to in undergraduate. How do I go about explaining my current GPA? Do you think any school would at least try to have a conversation with me with these stats? What is the best way to network with schools so they have a better feel about me?

    Undergradute: Engineering Clemson 2.85 GPA
    Master's 2nd year: 3.28 (2 semester's left)
    Anatomy B
    Ethics: A
    Oral Pathology: B
    Physiology: B
    Microbiology A

    DAT: 19AA, TS20
    Community Service: 700 hrs
    Shadowed 4 General dentists
    Currently volunteering at Free Clinic

    I know I need to make A's that is a given. Planning to retake DAT in summer
    I was thinking of going to as many Impressions Day to connect.

    Thank you
  2. Punt me

    Punt me Puntable

    Aug 23, 2017
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    Dental Student
    Well... masters was supposed to show that you can handle the upper level work load and prove that your undergrad work was of the past... but you kind of blew that?

    I'd say take the DAT again and aim for 23+. Getting A's for your remaining semesters is given.
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  3. BullGator1004

    May 31, 2017
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    I posted what is below in another thread and I feel like it applies somewhat here as well. My first semester in my Masters program I got 2 Bs and a B+ but finished with only one more B and the rest of my classes I received As. I feel like a lot of luck was involved in my situation, but there is still hope for you.

    I can relate to your story. A little background info: graduated from undergrad years ago with a really low science GPA (not above a 3.0), did some post-bacc work to take any pre-reqs I hadn't already taken and even to retake a few a number of years after graduating and performed poorly (re-took Gen Chem I&II, took and re-took Orgo I, took Orgo II, Microbio, and Biochem. Lowest GPA I've had in my academic career). I took the DAT and had pretty average scores, for what was average at the time, and applied. Didn't get so much as an interview. Enrolled in a Masters of biology program in August 2017 and finished it last month with a GPA below a 3.8 (no need for specifics here). I re-took the DAT in July 2017 and got a 19TS/20AA. I have a LOT of work experience that isn't related to the dental profession but a LOT of volunteer experience that is. I received one pre-December interview this cycle and was placed on the waitlist on Dec. 3rd. I found out yesterday that I had been accepted, so it only takes ONE school to look at your application and give you a chance.

    I tell you all of this because you do have an uphill battle ahead of you. It is my belief that a lot of schools have a hard time looking beyond the total GPA, but that isn't always the case. Some schools really do a thorough, holistic review of applications. Study hard. Work hard. Get the grades you need and kill the DAT. Make sure you have good ECs, great LORs, and a standout personal statement. Let schools know that dentistry is 100% what you want to do. Be committed to your own cause and do anything and everything you can to reach your goal. The application process is awful for some people, myself included, but DO NOT let it get you down. Don't compare yourself to the people that post about 4.0 GPAs and 24+ DAT scores. Do what YOU can do to show the best person that YOU are. Someone will take notice.
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