Need advice, Do I postpone MCAT for Jan. If I do, I'll have to work full time while studying.


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Aug 16, 2014
Hey everyone,
So I have a bit of a problem. I've been studying for the MCAT since June and was planning on taking it in September. However, I'm finding that I am still weak on a few topics and have not covered psych yet. Maybe 6A and 6B of the content list. And I'm performing anywhere from 125-129 per section on NS tests (as a side note I haven't been taking these sections timed, just been timing myself per passage so these scores are probably not accurate). Also, I haven't really been scoring my psych sections because I am still trying to do content.

My dilemma is, if I am going to be starting work Full time in September, so if I pushed back my test to January, I'd have to continue studying while working full time. I have already taken the Mcat once and I got a 23 so the last thing I want to do is rush it and get a low score.

However, I'm worried that if I push it back that it will be harder for me to study while working FT. But on the other hand, I feel that since my content is mostly solid I can just focus on the sections I'm weak in in the next 4 months and keep all of my strengths up to par by doing practice. And do 1 practice test a week.

Does it seem like this would be a good idea? Or would I be shooting myself in the foot by trying to work full time while studying. I just figured since I've pretty much covered most things, that the studying wouldn't be too difficult. But I've never had experience trying to work Fulltime while studying.
I would greatly appreciate any help or advice I can get! Thanks so much!


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Dec 10, 2013
Just depends on the score you want. if you have to work full time, you may not be able to study as much and you will lose content knowledge over time imo.


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Jul 11, 2016
I took the MCAT the first time around before I was confident in verbal and it reflected in my score, so I suggest waiting until January. I actually just made a post about working full time and studying for the MCAT, but it seems like it's doable from what people told me--I've actually been studying while working full time too, so we would be in the same boat! I feel like as long as I can get in 1.5-2 hrs/weekday and 5 hrs/day on weekends, I should be fine. Someone told me on my post that they studied from 6-8am before work and then 6-10pm after work! So I guess if you're really dedicated and work really hard you will be fine if you postpone it until January.

Especially if you haven't done the FL timed, I would suggest waiting...or at least getting some full lengths in under timed conditions as soon as possible if you plan on taking it in September.