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Nov 10, 2003
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Hello, I am seeking advice for my undergrad studies. I am recently out of the service and will be going to community college in the fall (at Wrigtht College Chicago). I am planning on attending school for one year and then going to UIC to finish. I ill have a double major in Human Nutrition and Kineasiology. Should I take the tougher science classes in Community College or Take generals just to get into UIC and then take all of the science classes that will help me on the MCAT at UIC? Also, how many schools should one apply to? Also does being a paramedic help your chances? Thanks


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Mar 19, 2004
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I would say that it is better to take the tougher science courses at a 4-year school because adcoms don't seem to be too impressed with courses at community colleges.

The number of schools that you should apply to depends on what your GPA and MCAT are. If they are high and competitive then you can get away with applying to fewer schools. If they are not that competitive then you need to apply to a lot more schools.

Being a paramedic will definetely help you especially if you were a paramedic in the military forces (sounds like that's what you were) because paramedics in the military setting do a lot more than paramedics in the civilian setting. I was a basic EMT and that helped me so the same should be the case with you.
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