need advice on when to use usmleworld

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Jun 10, 2009
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hi, i am currently studying for usmle step 1 now ,have just reviewed anatomy, micro,immunology,biochemistry from several books..1st aid usmle step 1,1st aid qbook and step 1 secrets.. now i am considering using pathoma for pathology.... i heard lots of great things and would like to us UWorld too after i finished my pathology review,maybe at the end of december. but is that too early? i haven' t rereview any behavioural science or pharm and, would you think it is best to cover with a good grasp on all materials first and then UWorld? if it is, i am quiet confuse because i heard uworld explanation is great, so..since UWorld has quiet many materials, wouldn't it be nice if i use it as earlier as possible and get notes from it earlier? i am so afraid if i won't be able to finish it...i'll have my exam in march2014. please help... regards, Ketap

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I don't think it is ever too early to start using uworld. You want to go through Uworld at least 2x before your exam.

You have already covered a considerable amount of info. I think its time to start testing what you know. Doing questions is the best way to gage if you understood a topic or not.

I say start doing focused exams on material you have already covered. Uworld is a learning tool and should be used to point out weakness and reaffirm what you already know.