Dec 15, 2010
I need advice. I am a junior and have always wanted to be a dr. my entire life( I was born w/ a certain condition and have been around medicine my entire life). I know that I love surgery, but dont want to be an All Day OR surgeon, rather more like ENT, ORTHO, OPTHO, ect... or POD.
I like the medicine and surgery of the foot and ankle, and have found that my own dpm has been of great help for my own f&a condition.
I would therefore definitly go to pod school over med school if I knew I could land a good surgical residency where I can spend 1-2days in surgery and the rest w/ patients. How likely is it that I could bank on getting that.

I am a hard worker w/ decent grades, but by no means a genious, and have difficulty w/ tests (no matter how many hr.s I study)
However I am very motivated,and know what it feels like to be the patient. A last positive is that I have been financially blessed, and I am not doing it for the $, b/c I'm already "set" ---?----