Need help coming up with a list of osteopathic schools to apply to for this cycle.

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Jun 25, 2020
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Hello! So I am about to take the MCAT but I am trying to form a list of schools to apply to so once I get my score back I can hopefully send out my application. I also need to know which schools I even have a chance at getting into since my stats are on the lower end.

cGPA: 3.3 (very big upward trend)
sGPA: 2.99 (I retook classes due to a bad start in college)
MCAT: will take soon but probably around a 503
Clinical: I have worked at a hospital for almost three years so over 3000 hours
Volunteer: probably around 500 hours
Shadowing: 75 hours

Cancer Research Lab (1.5 years)
Global Brigades (went on a medical trip to a rural area in Honduras)
Service Sorority (4 years)- Leader position for a semester
Help run a Father Daughter Ball event back in my hometown for the last 5 years
Also volunteered to serve food in the community during COVID
About to start an internship helping women get the proper care during pregnancy and making sure children between the ages of 0-3 are receiving the proper care to ensure healthy development

MO resident, white female

I understand that my gpa isn't very competitive but I am very interested in rural medicine and osteopathic schools so if you can recommend any schools that you believe I would competitive at, I would truly appreciate it!
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Nov 18, 2017
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quick comment - you should get that 2.99 sGPA to 3.0. do one easy summer science class, anything to avoid being screened out
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