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Feb 15, 2004
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I found a website a while and it had calculator that would show you which schools you were competative at, based on GPA and MCAT scores....

If you have this, can you please post a link..?


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Jul 24, 2003
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Those things are all bogus. Want to know how I did at schools I applied to, and the categories those schools fell under?

Not Competitive:

Didn't apply to any (all state schools that were outside my state)


Case Western: Interview, hold
Johns Hopkins: No interview
Harvard: No Interview
Medical College of Wisconsin: Interview (declined)
UCLA: Secondary (screened), no interview
USoCal: No interview
Temple: Interview, waitlist
Mount Sinai: No interview
Stanford: Rejected pre-secondary (!! Competitive my white @$$)
Penn State: Interview, decision pending

Very competitive:

George Washington: No interview (!! see comments on Stanford)

Also, they somehow managed to forget about Jefferson (No interview), Albert Einstein (no interview), and UMass (my only acceptance). So taking me as an example, if I were to apply based on the things this website told me, I would not be in medical school now, and I would be pretty despondent after being rejected pre-interview by the school that I was most competitive at.

Use www.mdapplicants.com as a better measure. There are a lot of statwhores on there, but at least you can see what makes the cut to some extent. My profile # is 01386 if you want more info than what I listed above.
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