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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Dr.Su, Feb 23, 2002.

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    Feb 21, 2002
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    Hi Everyone,
    I was going to take the April mcat, but i am now taking Physics II as well as Orgo II and finding that I am just not prfepared. I am considering taking it in AUG. Problem is bthat everyone says that the Aug test is harder, and that you chahnce of getting into med school are v.slim, because you end up applying late.
    What do you guys think? Anyone feel like they didn't get interviews because they applied later? I could really use the feedback.
    One thing that i think is that i wasn't always a perfect science student, and recently brought my grades up, so i was thinking that the med schools would want to wait for my fall grades anyway.
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  3. Optimistic

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    Oct 16, 2001
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    I think what matters more than anything else is MCAT score. So if you are not pepared enough than you should wait until august. I think you have better chances by applying late with good mcat score than applying early with not good mcat score .
    Thats just my opinion ,other people can probably give you better feedback then I can.One more thing ,I dont think its true that august MCAT is more difficult than april MCAt.
    goodluck :)
  4. reesie0726

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    Dec 23, 2001
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    The ideal situation is to take the april mcat before you apply. If you are truly not prepared, then dont take it. There is no sense in taking the exam and getting a 12. That is worse than waiting until august. There is a thread on here about all of the august mcaters who got interviews so you can get interviews and acceptances with the august mcat. The august mcat does not have harder material. It is "harder" because most people dont have to take classes and work etc. so the curve is higher, suppossedly. This application year it did not matterifyou took the august mcat because of amcas fiasco. However, it will probably put you on a disadvantage because committees wont really be able to review your application until october. If you can bust your butt and get prepared for april, then do so, it will be better. If not, just wait til august.

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