Aug 23, 2015
So I recently graduated from high school, and am going to the local community college (NOVA/NVCC) and plan to transfer after a year (or two with an associates degree of science) to Virginia Tech. Now my goal in life is to become a dentist, have a family (I have been together with the girl of my dreams for the last few years, and we could see it working in the future), the whole shebang, and I need help getting there. I have been reading that many accepted into their dental school of choice majored in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, which makes sense, since the DATs have biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry sections. What I would really appreciate from any who are on the same path, further along or at the same point, or even at the end, living the high life, would be advice. Not only on what to major in, but also what to expect during studies and how to deal with the crazy things that can happen. I really want to make my dream come true, and I plan on working the hardest towards it. Thank you in advance everybody!


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Jul 11, 2015
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Hi there,

Since you're new to the forum, I'd first suggest browsing through old threads to find what you're looking for since your question on starting your path towards dentistry is so broad, and there is a plethora of helpful information on this website if you just keep on sifting through :) It's been debated countless times on what a pre-dental student should major in, but the conclusive notion is to just major in whatever you want, so long as you complete all the prerequisites needed for dental schools prior to matriculation and maintain a good/decent GPA. You may choose to major in something that interests you and/or something that can supply you with a plan-B degree. Some people may choose to major in biology because it helps get the prerequisites out of the way in addition to fulfilling major requirements (hit two birds with one stone, so to speak), or at least that's the case from biology majors at my school. Majoring in bio can also help build a strong biological foundation to prep for the DAT, but honestly the DAT bio section can throw anything at you since it's about breadth, not depth. Preparedness is key for this section, thus as long as you study broadly from the right resources, you'll be good for the exam. So if you're like me who nearly forgets everything I've learned once the course is over, then becoming a biology major wouldn't necessarily help me for the DAT; for some others, it certainly will help them if they have great memory retention unlike me :rolleyes:. If you genuinely enjoy biology though and can excel at it, then I say go for it! Bottom line is, study something you enjoy and can do well.

In regards to community college, some dental schools won't take CC credits as their prerequisites so just do your research to see which ones will accept them. I don't really know much information on this, so if others would like to chime in and inform the OP, that'd be great.

Dr Dimbsa

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Aug 9, 2015
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Hey, so I'm essentially in the same position as you are. I am starting my first semester at a four year college majoring in chemistry with a biochemistry concentration. This path was highly recommended by a few mentors and the pre-health advisor at my school. The major requirements encompasses all of the pre-reqs for dental school and will also help prepare me for the DAT. However, I also chose this major because of my strong interest in chemistry and sciences in general. I also plan on getting involved in research which is another reason I chose this major and school (research opportunities are easily obtainable for freshmen). Like it was said before, major in something that excites you and will interest you enough to encourage you to study hard and excel in your classes. As far as the CC credits go...from what I've read on here it is school to school basis on whether or not they accept the credits. I have the same mind set as you in terms of doing whatever I can to make myself the most competitive applicant I can be and achieve my goal of getting into dental school. Keep your focus and stay motivated! Good luck.


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Dec 24, 2013
Hey, I'm from nova too! Vtech's a great school. Some schools don't take community college credits. Start planning where you'd like to attend dental school. While at VT, finish your prereqs and ace them. Shadow a general dentist soon to confirm your interest in dentistry. Some dental schools like applicants with research experience. Consider research at VT. Volunteer. Get to know your professors for recommendation letters. You don't have to choose biochem/molec bio. as your major. Choose anything you like and ensure a high GPA. Bio or chem major would be helpful with the DAT. High GPA/High DAT will get your foot in the door for an interview.
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