Jun 27, 2019
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Hi all, due to the virus and various health concerns, I have ended up studying for the MCAT for nearly a year now and am feeling burned out over it. My test is on the 29th and some of my results have been inconsistent.

FL1: 506
FL2: 511
FL3: 513

Then the virus hit and I had several more months to study

Section Bank: 79% average
Section Bank second time: 85% average (months later)
FL4: 520

I was feeling hopeful by this but I just took the AAMC sample test and my percentages were
This really worries me and is making me feel very incompetent. I've also been getting around 80-85% on some of the qpacks. Where do you think I might fall with my actual test? Any advice on what I should do for the next few days? Going through my sample test, a lot of the mistakes I made were just not reading the passage carefully enough. But due to the shortened time length with COVID, I am scared I will run out of time if I read slower. I was able to go at a very fast pace, with anywhere from 20-40 minutes left when finishing each section.


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Feb 5, 2019
Going off my own experiences on test day, I think adrenaline made everything a little faster than anticipated. Assuming you've been taking FL tests in test-like conditions, you should be fine. Take a few deep breaths and make sure to have snacks and water for every break. You've already identified your main issue. Slow down, read the passage carefully. You'll be okay. Good luck!
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