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May 19, 2017
I just started my application with CAAPID.
I am a dentist from India where we do not have semester or trimester during BDS.
We give the university exams at the end of each year.
I passed the 4th year BDS exam in June 2011 and completed the internship from the college I studied in December 2012.
My Questions regarding the application are:
1. What should be selected in the box for:
What type of term does this college use??
Since we had an year as a term I was confused as to what to select and the questions following it?

2. I already have the ECE evaluation reports, so should a new report be ordered specifically for caapid?

pls Help!
May 6, 2017
Dental Student
choose semester wise - It really doesn't matter (I chose this , so did all people I know from India)
IF ur ECE evaluation was COURSE BY COURSE EVALUATION you don't have to get a new ECE evaluation done, but if it was basic conversion you have to get it reevaluated . You need to send a copy of it directly to caapid ( Course by course ECE)
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