Hi guys, I submitted my application today. However, I was unaware that my DAT scores were not linked to my Dentpin. I did not select which schools to send my scores to after I finished my exam because I didnt know where I was applying to yet. I am applying to 16 schools now and it is saying it will cost me $576.00 for 16 copies.

On my AADSAS app, I do not see anything pertaining to my DAT scores. I only filled out the unofficial DAT scores portion. When I log on DENTPIN, I dont see my scores posted. Can someone please help me?

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Feb 19, 2016
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You will hve to pay to send your scores to ONE school. Not all of them. They will then be uploaded to your dentpin account in around a week. They should be matched to your aadsas app but may not be so keep an eye out. If they're uploaded to your DENTPIN account but not your AADSAS, call customer service and they'll upload your scores over the phone.
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