Dec 27, 2013
Hello Everyone,

I'm planning to apply the next cycle (Summer 2014). Here is a breakdown of my stats...if anyone can help by providing opinion...
Science GPA: 3.38
BCP: 3.38
Overall GPA: 3.55
A member of Pre-Dental Club during undergrad for 3 years.
Shadowed Dentist for 1000+ hours
UCLA Dental Volunteer Program (80 Hours)
Volunteer at Non-profit organization for 200 Hours.
My Undergrad Major is Public Health.

Planning to take DAT around May 2014 with the goal of averaging 21 in all categories. With the stats that I have provided. Do you guys think I will be accepted to any school.


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Mar 28, 2012
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First of all, you shadowed a dentist for over 1,000 hours...??? In my opinion, not a great allocation of time. Would have been better used for volunteer work/other EC's. But what's done is done. :)

With the information you provided, you have a decent chance. Just do as well as you can on the DAT (your GPA's are slightly below average). As per the usual tips: apply early and broadly.
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