Nov 15, 2010
Hello, I am a 29 yeard old who withdrew from college several years ago while working on BA in biological science. Although I entered the college with SAT score of 1560 and high school GPA of 3.9, my life at college did not turn out the way I figured it to be (I'll save on the details) and with one semester left to graduate and GPA of 2.2, I decided to withdraw from school. Ever since, I have worked here and there but nothing impressive and I spent a lot of time on just travelling. I have saved enough money to go back to school and I really want to finish what I started and have always dream of which is to become a dentist. But I have absoultely no idea where to start. I can go back to the college I was attending, but with GPA of 2.2 and one semester to graduate I wonder if that is the right way to do it. With no true mentor in the field I feel lost and hope that this forum can help me out. I would greatly appreciate it anyone can give me guidence and/or tips. Thanks!


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Jun 25, 2009
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well you definitely came to the right place :) welcome to SDN

Can you please provide us with more information? How many pre-dental courses have you taken so far? What were your grades in those courses? And how many college credits have you taken so far? I'll be able to give you a pretty good estimation of how much work you'll have to do to repair the 2.2 hole.

I think most sound and logical thing to do right now is to complete your bachelors, I mean why not? You have 1 more semester to go, take that semester and MAKE SURE you 4.0 every course. You will need all the 4.0s you can get to start doing GPA-dmg control.

After you finish that semester, and hopefully earn your bachelors. You have two options:
1) you can apply to a masters program
2) keep taking undergrad courses at your same college even after graduation (this will be considered "post-bacc"). This is helpful cause it will showcase an upward trend (assuming you do well) and you get to bring up your overall and science GPA

Good luck on whatever you decide, feel free to PM me with any questions