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need recommendations on testing material

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by Winston Smith, Oct 19, 2002.

  1. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith i didn't do it

    Apr 17, 2002
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    I got my MCAT score back, it's 8V 10PS 9BS (27). I am going to retake in April.

    Can you guys please let me know of any good testing material I should buy? I am going to use the Examcrackers Verbal book and will probably finish that in a month or so. What other verbal testing material did you guys use?

    I also need science testing material for both the PS and BS test. I actually wanted complete exams so I can take them over the weekend just like it's test day. I took TPR already and I don't know where I can find good practice exams. I plan on purchasing the AAMC tests immediately but am unsure what else is good to get. For the PS and BS test, I didn't get to complete a full passage on both so I think I can increase my score by increasing my pace. My problem in studying, I think, was that I reviewed the material too much and didn't test myself enough. This time I plan on putting more time into testing.

    For those of you who bought other testing materials (to test yourself, I don't mean review books), please please let me know what's out there and what's good. I really appreciate it. Thanks guys.
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  3. vm26

    vm26 Member

    Oct 4, 2002
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    Attending Physician
    if you need practice tests, I would take a prep-course, not only do they have a bunch of tests but they also provide the environment which simulates the real thing. I was lucky to take kaplan at the same bulding that I eventually took the aug mcat so it was almost like just another practice test. I remember that while taking kaplans diagnostic and a few of the first practice tests that I was actually nervous which gives you a realistic feel. Plus being a room with 30+ other test takers and a proctor also is important. The downside is the cost, but if it makes the difference than its worth it

    I would also recommed a book-Nova's The MCAT Physics Book by garrett biehle, I bought it at Barnes/noble for $30, you can order directly from the company 1800 949 6175, they also have a bio and chem book which I didnt use
  4. loserman

    loserman Banned

    Oct 20, 2002
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    I took Kaplan and they weren't to great, I got all the berkley review material and I think it was way too hard compared to the real thing. But I found princeton/hyperlearning to be the most comprehensive and realistic. Princeton helped me raise my score by 6 points, well I did do over 30 full length practice exams and that helped alot.
  5. Doctortobee

    Doctortobee Senior Member

    Nov 24, 1999
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    I have Nova's Physics book for sale on the "For Sale & Advertisement" forum.

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