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Dec 29, 2006
New Jersey
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I am looking for specific information about UMDNJ as well as Temple. I am trying to decide between the two and want to make an educated decision. I am looking for...

1. the average board scores for each school for previous years

2. the placement and match information of students into their desired residencys from each school... UMDNJ said during their interview said that they had a 100% placement rate for residencies last year.. this statistic has to be skewed. I really want to know exactly how many people place into different residency fields from each school each year.

I think this information would be extremely beneficial in making a decision. I am thinking of calling the admissions department of each school monday and asking. I have acceptances from both. so, at worst case, I think asking isn't too unreasonable. Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.
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