Need serious advice on NAPLEX and CPJE please

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Mar 31, 2013
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Hello, I recently graduated from pharmacy school and by any means, I was not a "good" student. I always did try my best during school (working and studying when I can) and my average grades were around B-~C+.

Now I am trying to study for NAPLEX exam (I am still working around 24~37 hours per week) and I am really trying hard to stick to the RxPrep 2 month schedule. It just seems difficult at times when I fall behind due to work (just feeling tired when I come home late) or topics longer for me to study. (This is the main issue)

At times, I would try to take practice tests on chapters that I studied weeks ago and I just can't seem to retain a lot of the information which causes me to become frustrated, anxious and downright get into a breakdown mode because I feel like I am not going to pass my exams.

I know people say "Naplex is easy" and I have read stories where people only study for weeks and pass it easily. I KNOW that I am not those type of students.
Work is also something that I cannot stop at the moment.

I really need advice because I feel like I am doing whatever I can to try to study and retain. I currently have RxPREP AND PassNaplexNow as my resources (I got that desperate) and I really do try to study everyday anywhere from 4~8.

I can't tell if it is the stress but I also started to develop few health issues (I ended up starting 4 new medications that I never thought I would be on) but I'm trying not to use that as my excuse.

Why am I having trouble retaining information? Am I really not meant to be a pharmacist? I am starting to feel like maybe I survived pharmacy school through some "luck".

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