neutrino. neutritious?
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Apr 4, 2008
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
so here are the classes that i may take for fall of 2008:

OChem I, Physics I, Gen Zoo, Stats and probably Hum

do you think that i should replace physics with any biological science (frreak, i eez scurred of physics.) or just take physics right away?

i just don't want to overload. this may seem like it's an easy course load for someone else or yourself, but tell me what you think about it. would the adcoms look down on me if i would just take 4 classes?

the champ

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Mar 26, 2008
Medical Student
You should take a course load that allows you to do well. Depending on your extracurriculars and how you study, more than 4 classes could be too much. Adcoms will appreciate your grades more than they will appreciate how many classes you took per term with compromised performance. As for replacing physics with a biological science, it may not be a bad idea if you're not strong with physics because o chem is also a lot of work. Good luck!